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Total Athlete formula provides the raw power for your workouts. It is loaded with all the powerful Chinese Kidney Yang tonics that provide energy, skeletal structure strength, and muscle building support, as well as herbs that facilitate the free flow of energy to prevent muscle tightness during strenuous activity.


Three Brothers maximizes your Qi, or daily energy, by supporting Lung function, and thus increasing your body’s endurance for longer workouts. It especially helps with aerobic activity such as running, biking, and exercise classes. Astragalus, Cordyceps, and Codonopsis all support Lung function and have been used as the premier energy tonics in the East for hundreds and hundreds of years by athletes, martial artists, and yogis.


Restore the Yin formula provides your body with the recuperative energy that is required to facilitate healing. The first two formulas that are used before working out allow you to exert great physical energy. Restore the Yin replenishes that spent energy so you are ready to go the next day. This formula prevents burn out and exhaustion and helps the muscle tissue to mend after it has been broken down.


Jing Herbs Athlete Kit

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$52.50Sale Price
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