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Winter Yin is based on a classic formula that clears internal heat and replenishes the cooling energy in the body. This cooling energy resides in the Kidney Adrenal complex. The Kidney Adrenal complex houses what the Chinese call Jing energy. This energy has a Yin component (cooling) and a Yang component (warming). During menopause, there is an abundance of Yang (warm) energy compared to Yin (cool) energy. By clearing excess heat and replenishing it with Yin, you attain balance.


Three Sisters is a simple three herb formula that nourishes fluids at the cellular level. All the internal heat that is present during menopause, basically cooks the fluids out of the body. Three Sisters contains three Yin building and nourishing herbs that generate fluids to alleviate dryness.


Bupleurum & Peony is a Liver balancing formula that also cools the blood. The Liver, through it metabolic processes, plays a critical role in balancing a women’s hormones. During menopause, as hormone levels change and become more unstable, the Liver can be overworked and unable to keep up with its duties. Bupleurum & Peony assists the Liver in this process and gets the body back into balance.

Jing Herbs Menopause (Hot Flash) Kit

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