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Cast iron teaware is traditionally favored for elegant design, heartiness and ability to retain heat for long periods of time - all attributes that enhance the tea experience. Each teapot is molded, painted and glazed by hand. It is then hand burnished to reveal nature-inspired details. Comes with stainless steel infuser to make steeping and removing leaves easy. Made in China. 24oz (0.7L). Complete the set with matching cups, 2 x 4oz (0.12L), and save 50% on cups when purchased together. 6" Diameter.

Toshima is the name of a small volcanic Japanese island well known for its natural beauty. There you will find delight in the blooming Saku lilies and lush red camellia forests. Among its wonders are small aerial daredevils - the red dragonfly - a harbinger of autumn; they symbolize strength, courage and happiness - all things we hope you will find in a great pot of tea.

Toshima Cast Iron Tea Set

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