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Our newest Wild MCT Oil contains C12 (Lauric acid) which provides the benefits of both coconut oil and MCT oil in the perfect middle-MCT product. Unlike coconut oil, it won't solidify at room temperature or impart a coconut flavor or texture and is made from 100% sustainable coconuts.

Servings per bottle: 31 (TBSP) - 16 ounce - Per Serving MCT breakdown:

  • C8:0 - Caprylic Acid  4200mg
  • C10:0 Capric Acid 3400mg
  • C12:0 Lauric Acid 4300 mg 

How to use: Cooking, Take a swig, add to smoothies or shakes, add to butter coffee, use as a massage oil, use on your skin and your hair, use for oil pulling, and much more.

What is MCT Oil?

These MCT fats are unique in that they are quickly metabolized by the liver and used as fuel, which makes them difficult to store as body fat. Unlike typically, longer-chain fatty acids, MCTs are used so fast by your body as fuel that they rarely ever get stored in the form of fat cells on your body.

The MCT oil is made from the white flesh of coconuts through a process called "fractionation" in which the shorter chain fatty acids are separated from the longer chain (less ideal) fatty acids. What you have left is a pure flavorless and odorless liquid oil that does wonders for human health. 

Wild MCT Oil

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